BAD REVIEWS: What happened?

I want to say I am sorry to the people who were looking forward to more post from me and I want to explain my sudden disappearance.

The big reason Bad Reviews fell to the bottom of my priorities first is Life changes. I’m a 20 something college student still trying to figure out how to balance all my priorities and I couldn’t find the motivation to watch anime to write about.


My go-to video

Not to say I stopped watching anime but I just turned my writer’s brain off and haven’t been working on any post. My life also went through a couple of changes outside of school. My grandfather and dog passed within a few months of each other so that was a whole thing I had to deal with. Lastly, I enjoyed my break too much I kind of like just hanging around the house gaming, the one upside of this is that I might add games to the things I write about.

So, for now, Bad Reviews is on hiatus until winter. I may post here and there but it’s going to be mostly quiet on this site.

And that’s pretty much it, I apologize again for anyone looking forward to my writing I hope you can forgive me.


One thought on “BAD REVIEWS: What happened?

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